Pasta for Pennies at Townline

Pasta for Pennies is a fun fundraiser that helps kids with Leukemia.  We have raised a lot of money in the past and our goal is to get close to $2,000 this year!!!!  The amount has increased over the years and last year we raised a little over $1,500!!  The class that raises the MOST money will receive a FREE Olive Garden pasta party!!!!  Every kid and teacher wants that, but of course helping out these kids in need with Leukemia is MOST important!! 🙂

The fundraiser will take place March 9th – 22nd!  The winning class will be announced at the SOAR assembly the Friday before spring break.

In addition we will have themed days next week to help promote this fundraiser.

Monday March 13th– Pajama Penny Day
Tuesday March 14th– Neon Nickels Day
Wednesday March 15th– Dazzling Dimes Day
Thursday March 16th– Crazy Quarters Day
Friday March 17th– Festive Friday Let’s get a Pot of GOLD Day

Here is a reminder for your refrigerator:

Pasta for Pennies Daily Fun

Dig under those seat cushions, coat pockets and anywhere you might find a few stray coins.  Every penny counts!  Thanks and let’s raise money to help kids with Leukemia!!! 🙂

Bring this letter to any Olive Garden for a free kid’s meal!

Olive Garden Supports Pasta for Pennies