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Hawthorn Summer Band and Orchestra Camp

Save the date for Hawthorn’s Summer Band and Orchestra Camp July 17 through July 28. Registration begins March 1. For details about the camp, please visit the summer camp website page.


Hawthorn Summer Music Camp 2017

Summer Music Camp is for instrumentalists that reside in Hawthorn District 73 and are entering grades five through nine in the Fall of 2017. They must have at least one year of experience playing in a large ensemble. The students will be divided into grade-level groups by instrument.

El campamento musical del verano es para instrumentistas que residen en Hawthorn Distrito 73 y que entran desde quinto a noveno grado en otoño de 2017. Ellos deben tener al menos un año de experiencia tocando en una audiencia grande. Serán divididos de acuerdo al nivel de grado y según el instrumento.



Hawthorn Enrichment Institute 2017 Information is Available

Hawthorn is excited to begin another year of summer programming designed to expand the educational horizon for our students.  We are offering many new types of project based learning courses and opportunities in the areas of core academics, the arts and athletics.  We are confident that you will find something here to peak your child’s interest and keep them involved in learning all year long. We can’t wait to see you!

Hawthorn Enrichment Institute


Your Opinion Matters

Tell us what you think in the state’s annual 5Essentials Survey ~ ~. If your children attend more than one district school, please base your survey answers on one school. You may answer the survey for each school.

The survey provides a unique opportunity for parents to have a voice in improving their schools. The 20-minute research-based survey will help District 73 identify strengths and weaknesses in its schools’ learning environment.


Foundation Members Sought

Foundation Application

The Education Foundation is coming to Hawthorn.  Hawthorn is starting an Education Foundation to raise private sector funds to support the goals of our Strategic Plan.  Currently, we are looking for inaugural Board Members to kick off 2017.

Profile of the Successful Board Member:  The minimum time commitment for a board member includes 3 annual meetings per year, which will take place once a trimester at the District Office (841 West End Court, Vernon Hills).  The Foundation’s success in building and maintaining community support will come from board members that are able to make significant contribution of time and resources, have the determination to complete projects in a timely way with little oversight, and, most importantly, have a passion for true excellence in education!

Qualifications:  A well-functioning school system benefits everyone in the district. Reflecting that community-wide impact, the board should consist of individuals with varied backgrounds and include parents, teachers, other licensed professionals, and representatives of local businesses. Everyone willing to roll up their sleeves is welcome! However, given the nature of our events and projects, we strongly encourage individuals to apply if they have specific experience in project management, public and media relations, fundraising, web design, and/or event planning.

Benefits of Board Membership:  Members receive no compensation for serving on the Foundation’s Board. Board Members do get opportunities to work closely with Hawthorn’s community and help to determine which projects, grants, and initiatives should receive Foundation sponsorship. Helping to create non-governmental financial support for the District is one of the most important and effective methods for fostering sustained academic excellence.

Board Member Application:  To begin the nomination process, please email a bio with the completed Board Member Application to Jill Martin at  Dr. Martin can also be reached at 847 990-4800 (office). Once the information has been submitted an interview will be arranged.


Studying MLK Accomplishments

Students in Maureen Coutre’s fourth grade class at Townline discussed and annotated a variety of informational texts about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and accomplishments.


Feedback Sought on Kindergarten Center

The Vernon Hills Park District Board of Park Commissioners and Hawthorn District 73 representatives met on Tuesday, January 3 to discuss and receive feedback from the public on a potential partnership for the development of a Kindergarten Center adjacent to the Sullivan Center Park District facility. Due to holiday schedules, the Hawthorn School Board did not have a meeting but was represented by School Board President Jeff Bard and Superintendent Nick Brown. The new Kindergarten Center would be constructed to house 18 kindergarten classrooms.

Moving forward now with the project would help with the escalated growth District 73 is experiencing. Since May, 2016, the district has enrolled 135 new students. The Kindergarten Center would free up classrooms in all the elementary schools while the district tackles the long term growth that is anticipated to increase by up to 705 students within 10 years to 5,069 students.

It was shared that the partnership would benefit taxpayers by saving dollars. The Park District and School District would share facility space. District 73 would not need to build a gym as students would use the new gym being constructed onto the Sullivan Center. Also, there would be no need to purchase land for this project as it would be leased from the Park District to Hawthorn District 73. Details of the lease still need to be worked out but a nominal fee of $1 was mentioned. The School District would be able to use shared parking lots as well. The Park District will have access to meeting room space in the new Kindergarten Center after school hours. An additional benefit would be experienced by children that attend the Park District pre-school programs and then attend kindergarten in the adjacent building. This proposed Kindergarten Center would encourage shared services among the Park District, School District and Library District as all three would be on the same campus providing an additional benefit to the community.

Attendees at this first meeting included parents, community members, other governmental representatives from the community including Mayor Roger Byrne. Mayor Byrne shared his support for the intergovernmental partnership and encouraged further discussions about this project as he agreed the Kindergarten Center would benefit all parties involved.

The District 73 Board of Education will independently approve an Educational Facilities Master Plan to address long range building and learning needs in the district. The Kindergarten Center concept is part of both EFMP options presented to the School Board on December 12 and is one portion of a longer range facility plan being considered for the district.

The School Board has shared its intent to pay for the Kindergarten Center with district cash reserves and/or existing bond financing.

The District 73 School Board will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, January 9 for a regular scheduled board meeting in the District Board Room, 841 West End Court, Vernon Hills, to discuss further the Educational Facilities Master Plan. Prior to the Board Meeting, at 6 p.m., the Board will meet with the Core Team. The District 73 School Board will meet jointly with the Vernon Hills Park District Board of Commissioners at 7 p.m. Tuesday, January 10 at the Sullivan Center, 635 N. Aspen Dr., Vernon Hills, to further receive feedback from the public on the kindergarten center concept.  Special School Board meetings are planned for Wednesday January 11 and Thursday January 12 to continue discussions, if necessary, to reach decisions on an Educational Facilities Master Plan.



Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting

Это время, чтобы зарегистрироваться в Hawthorn District 73 Детский сад (Kindergarten)

Hawthorn District 73 kindergarten children who turn 5 on or before September 1, 2017 
 are eligible for kindergarten for the 2017-18 school year. 
 To learn more about the curriculum, schools and 
 registration process, parents should attend:

Townline Elementary School Thursday, February 2 at 7:00 pm.

Kindergarten Parent Meeting Information

Kindergarten Meeting – Russian